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winchester_recs's Journal

Favourite Winchester Recs
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Favourite Winchester Recs from the TV Show Supernatural. Mostly Dean Winchester and Jensen Ackles.

Greetings fellow Supernatural fan and welcome to my playground of recs. Yes, this place is all about my fave stuff that includes Dean Winchester or the man playing him, Jensen Ackles. I needed a place where I could store all the precious arts I find every day, to keep track of them and a reason to actually save them without forgetting to do so. This community provides all that and more.

Why would you be interested in joining? Well, if you love Dean and Jensen just as much as I do, then this place can be called heaven to you too. You will be daily updated with all kinds of creations and arts that will pretty up your flist. I try to find the best of the best or pieces who hold a special meaning to me. Maybe you will see or read something you've never seen or read before, maybe you have already seen or read a certain piece and want to discuss or share your love about it. It's all possible here.

But please, don't ask me to feature your stuff or other stuff you have found. This place is for my recs only, this may sound stupid or mean, but I only created this place to keep my recs in order and to save them and to remind myself what I loved about them. The bonus is for me to share them with other fans. And hey, maybe I will feature your stuff one day, but then I will only do so when I find it myself. So, please don't ask me, I will only feel bad for rejecting you, and you will feel bad because of me rejecting you, when it has nothing to do with you personally.

So remember, this place is for loving, not for hating. These are my fave things I share, if you don't like what you see, then please ignore it and don't comment. It can happen that someday you don't like a certain piece, that's okay, maybe next time I will show you something better.

The most important guideline is that this place is about enjoying all kinds of creations made by fans and made for fans.
Who and What
Who can you find here? My fave character is Dean Winchester, but where would Dean be without Sam? Right. Nowhere. So, he is here too. And a Dean!girl is nowhere without the actor, Jensen Ackles. Obviously. And Jensen is nowhere without Jared. Well, sort of. But yeah, he is here too.

Let me put up a list for you to make it all more clear.

Who or with whom:

* Dean Winchester.
* Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester.
* Dean/Sam and Sam/Dean (Wincest).
* Dean with other characters I love.
* Jensen Ackles.
* Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.
* Jensen/Jared and Jared/Jensen (J2/Padackles).
*Jensen with other people.

Who you won't find here:

Dean and Castiel.
Dean/Castiel and Castiel/Dean.

No disrespect, but I think it's fair if I tell you from the beginning who you can find in here and who not. Instead of making you wonder what will be showed here and what not. Which may lead you to joining the community in the hope to find Dean and Castiel art, for example. When there is none.

Spoilers and Warnings!

Spoilers are up to Season 7. So, that means that you can find fanfiction in here which might set in Season 7. Or art that might be about a scene in Season 7. Though, I will always post a warning when there might be Season spoilers in an art piece. Speaking of...

I will include warnings with every kind of art that I think needs a warning. That can be a warning about spoilers (only for Season 7), blood, angst, sexual stuff, etc..
For the ones who only like to enjoy the brother art of the Winchesters and the friendship art of Jensen and Jared, no need to fear. I will post a warning with every wincest or j2/padackles art.


Header made by: e0wyn
Disclaimer: I don't own the show, characters or the actors in any way. Supernatural and it's characters belong to Eric Kripke and the CW. Any fanmade art in any form belong to their rightful owners/creators. No profit is being made.