Black and white with red is the most gorgeous combination ever. This is so hauntingly beautiful, but you can’t help but feel a sadness flowing over you. This scene is carved into our brains and so it’s in Dean’s. I feel like this picture shows what Dean still carries with him. The guilt, the burden, all the weight he is carrying on his back. It was his job to keep him safe, he was not supposed to lose Sam like that. That load still lingers. He was not supposed to see Sam like that, he was not supposed to see his younger brother die in front of his eyes. He should have been there on time and maybe sometimes he still beats himself up for that. He was not supposed to lose Sam, because that’s his job, to keep him safe.




43. Art Monday

Title: All Of This Past
Artist: Crimefish
Character: Dean Winchester
Genre: Gen
Rating: N/A

"I have searched for
A reason to go on
I've tried and I've tried
But it's taking me so long

I might be better off
Closing my eyes
And God will come looking for me
In time

All of this dust
All of this past
All of this over and gone
And never coming back
All of this forgotten
Not by me..."
- Sarah Bettens

Note: There will be no more notes from me, it takes too much time ;__; I'm very sorry! I hope you will still enjoy the recs, they will be back from now on \o/

42. GIF Sunday

Click the GIF for the original source.

GIF Maker: mostly10
Character: Dean Winchester
Genre: Gen
Rating: N/A
Summary: I'm batman.

Note: This right here has got to be one of the most quoted one liners of Dean in the Supernatural fandom. And what is not to love about this moment? Careless Dean thinking he is Batman. Loving the graphic a lot, with the batman logo, split screen and then the text printed when he's talking. Nicely edited and great blue color choice. The little smirk at the end gets me every time. Enjoy!

41. FanFic Saturday

Banner made by imogen_lily

Title: (Be)Longing
Author: insertcode11
Betas: wolfish_willow & tornknees
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Other Characters: Mary Campbell, John Winchester, Ruby 1.0, YED, and Samuel Campbell
Genre: Slash
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~43,000
Warnings: frottage, shower groping, some violence and mild gore, explicit sex
Authors Note: In this story the boys are half-brothers and raised apart. Sam is 16-17, it's never specified, and Dean is 20.
Summary: Twenty years ago while the werewolf Mary Campbell traveled in search of her mate she ran into the human John Winchester and had a weekend fling with him. Afterwards she returned to her pack and had Dean, John's son and a half-blooded werewolf. Now Dean is about to take on the role of Alpha and leaves to meet John Winchester face-to-face, believing that the meeting will reconcile the human side of him. But when he knocks on John's door his son and Dean's younger half-brother, Sam Winchester, answers. Dean knows Sam's his mate from the minute he lays eyes on the boy, but he's not sure how he's going to go about explaining that to the son of a hunter.

Sam's young and out of place, constantly left behind by his hunter father. He's looking for anywhere but here, and he's expecting a sense of belonging to come in the form of a college or maybe even the Army, not a supernatural creature that blows through his front door.

Note: This was my first long fanfic I read. Mostly because I was pushed towards reading werewolf fics by a friend and also because this was written by a friend of mine. I must say, I thought I would not like werewolf fics, I thought it would creep me out. But this piece blew me away and actually showed a much stronger bond between them. I unfortunately don't have the time to read the whole fanfic again to write a proper review about it, so I will include the small reviews I made while I was reading it then at the time. It does show you a more spontaneous view of my reaction to a story.


I belong to you..Collapse )

40. Picture Friday

Click the image for the original source.

Editor: aplethora
Character: Dean Winchester
Genre: Gen
Rating: PG
Summary: Hurt!Dean

Note: Oh Dean hurts so pretty. I don't really know what to say about this picture without coming off creepy. I really love the editing, very sharp and dark colors, while his face is very clear and bright. I have a million things to say about him being hurt and how awesome and pretty it looks, but again, feeling weird if I actually type them. So, I'll just leave this here for everyone who loves a little hurt!Dean. Jensen plays it so well.


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